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The (Her)Story

It was a winter evening in New York City, January 2002 when it hit.  Elisa was leaving the next morning for Sundance Film Festival when she ran out of supplies for her press pack she needed for the trip and it was already 11pm. Stress. She went left her apartment hoping to find something open, it’s New York City after all. You can find anything, anytime, anywhere, right? Yes. She stumbled upon a little shop opened on the West Side got her goods  and started to make her way back to the East Village. Suddenly she found herself at the traffic light at 1st Ave and 7th street when she looked up. She realized she had walked clear across town and had NO IDEA how she got there. She didn’t remember seeing or hearing a single thing, when suddenly all she heard were her own thoughts in her head – and they were fraught with panic and negativity and self-hatred – she was hearing for first time her own unconscious thoughts about herself. She looked up and screamed, “There’s got to be another way!!!” and then her phone rang.

“You must come to the cafe and meet this man”.

That night she met Axel, who would become the most influential teacher in her adult life. She had her first conversation about Miracle mindedness and Wholeness and it sparked a fierce desire to see Life from a different place within herself, from Wholeness. There was a lot of work ahead. She left for Sundance the next morning, ready to explore a different reality. Sundance was no longer really about Sundance.

On the last day of the festival, a vision: an old photograph blown up to poster size with white font spelling out the names of seven amazing women and big, black letters reading “Vagina Monologues, A One-Night Stand”. The next morning, twelve women received phone calls: “Get the Vagina Monologues, read it, and let’s meet in a week.”

Back in NYC, the day before all the women met, Elisa called the V-Day organization about doing a benefit performance of the Vagina Monologues at Madame X Lounge in NYC. February is V-Day month and since the Vagina Monologues was still running in NYC, one could perform the show anywhere in the world except NYC! Umph. Couldn’t happen. Instead of calling the gals with the bad news, Elisa decided to practice letting the Now give her the words. What would Whole Mind say? She showed up to the meeting with them and asked, “What did you guys think about the Vagina Monologues?” The consensus was, “It spoke to us, but not about us directly.”

So Elisa suggested this:

Let’s do something bigger, badder, better.

Let’s write our own stories.

Let’s take ourselves on this imaginative, bold, healing journey. 

That is how the Voice for Wholeness and Transformation met the Muff.

And Off the Muff was born. A process was revealing itself. It’s first expression a show. The place: Madame X Lounge. The event: a dynamic full-night Happening comprised of a ’Foreplay, the Act, and the PostCoital BlissBash. That first OTM had a final performance evening called “An Evening Love Supreme” and lead her to take an unplanned spiritual sabbatical for 5 weeks for 2 years in Australia, to meet Love Supreme in herself. 11 years later, coming into the present, it was time to explore Wholeness and through the Muff again. Off the Muff – re-Mount 2013 happened and it was also bigger, badder and better than ever…. All to celebrate the Wholeness we can find in the beauty, pain, love, life, mystery, hardships, and voice of the vaginas in our society.

(Her)story is still being written…