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Join the Muffdom

Elisa is building a community to engage the conversation about wholeness through the feminine. She recognizes there is a real need for women to have safe space to unveil, do work, and share. While wholeness is the focus, she believes there is a particularness to the feminine experience that is untapped and suppressed. Through the extension of this platform she has realized this work she is doing with women touches all members of the community; men, women and children.

The Muffdom is a place we can all learn from the feminine experience.

There are multiple ways to Join the Muffdom.

New Moon Group Gatherings

  • Every month Elisa will be holding a New Moon Gathering at her East Village Apartment in New York City, also known as First things First Studios. Elisa invites the community to spend a semi-structured focused evening exploring wholeness and the feminine experience. This gathering is free to the public. Expect edibles, rituals and creative playtime.

Creative Writing Workshops

  • Join Elisa on a exploration through of your unconscious through your creative writing. Elisa has spent over 10 years working on the Off the Muff process and has condensed this into a weekend journey. Participants will experience the entire Off the Muff process in this workshop; initial writing, group share, transformational editing with Elisa, and re-share. The workshop is designed to initiate a shift in perception of self and the world around us.

One-on-One Creative Play Investigation

  • Take the Off the Muff process to the next level. Through this one-one-one experience Elisa offers the space to dive deeper into specific stories or questions. This process is best for those seeking a most extended OTM experience. Women are encouraged to have at least 3 one-one-one meetings with Elisa to receive the full benefits of this offering.

Shows & Public Offerings

  • This is where sh*t gets real. Off the Muff in its fullest realization. Here we take the work we have done on ourselves through the Off the Muff process and we share it with the public. Elisa’s greatest passion is to create, ritual, immersive art, and transformational theatre.  Those interested in participating, Elisa can’t wait to talk to you!