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Muffs 2013


Elisa Blynn Elisa Blynn Creator/Producer/Director/Head Muffstress Elisa Blynn is an Actor and Artist living in NYC since 1996. She carved out her niche performing in world premiere plays and originating roles with acclaimed companies such as the Flea Theater, Inverse Theater, the Faux Real Theater company, and many other solo performance adventures. Ms. Blynn’s true passion is her Life Art and Living in Improv. Elisa produced the original Off the Muff in 2002 in four sold-out installments and is twitching down there about this 11th-year anniversary celebration, Off the Muff — Remount 2013. 11 years ago, Off the Muff was a One-Night Stand . . . Now she’s a Weekend Getaway!




Alexa Rosenthal

Alexa Rosenthal Co-Producer/Graphics/PuraVida Mufflinda Alexa is a world traveler who landed in NYC after meeting Elisa in Costa Rica (go figure!). She goes to therapy every Tuesday at 5:30 PM. You can find her every morning at Yoga to the People. After yoga, Alexa gets a Chai Latte at Café Fresco and walks down to 1st and 1st. Sometimes she goes to Whole Foods but sometimes she goes the extra mile-and-a-half to go to Trader Joe’s and brings back better-priced whole food to her non-sexual domestic-creative partner, Elisa. Check out her passion project Be You Be Sure. She doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing with it all but when she’s doing what the fuck she’s doing she knows what the fuck she’s doing. 





Eve Eaton was one of the original Muffs, having been involved in the project 11 years ago. She is thrilled to be at it again. She spends her days in the corporate world trying to change the way people work through collaboration and social business technology. She is way more interesting and entertaining than that would suggest. A native of Olympia, Washington, she’s an avid theatre goer, dabbles as a cabaret singer, and just wants everyone’s muff to be happy.





SHARONSharon Blynn is an Actorvist, Writer, and Founder of Bald is Beautiful a women’s wholeness/ovarian cancer awareness organization. Recent honors: BraveHeart Women’s Assoc. Courage Award, Revlon Role Model, Lifetime TV “Remarkable Woman”, Lilly Tartikoff/EIF Hope Award, and the Kenneth Cole “We All Walk in Different Shoes” campaign, among others. TV highlights: Body of Proof (ABC), Shameless (Showtime), and Lie to Me (Fox), and host of the PBS doc, The Whisper: The Silent Crisis of Ovarian Cancer. She has appeared on stages in New York and Los Angeles and all over the world. Sharon is honored to be a returning Muff, celebrating Hole to Wholeness! “Always smile from the inside out!”



Alison Sher

Alison “Bee” Sher s an entrepreneurial journalist and the daughter of two microbiologists. She grew up with a life similar to Eliza on The Wild Thorrnberries, traveling to foreign countries alongside her globetrotting parents. She believes, as Muriel Rukeyser said, that “the universe is made of stories, not atoms.” Her life is a storytelling quest. Get her digs at & 






SHIRAShira Rose is a feminist, activist; artist of theatre, musical theatre, and tap dance persuasion; chocolate enthusiast; and has the uncanny skill of getting the candy-colored lipsticks she sports daily on both your cheek and her teeth. Shira’s battery is charged through the empowering of herself and others through the performance art of daily interaction, being involved in various theatrical projects, teaching kids’ theatre classes, and working in an intergenerational theatre company. Shira Rose likes to think she is a superhero, and Elisa and Alexa are giving voice and venue to not only her superhero alter ego, but to a Muff Superhero Squad. We are the directors and main characters of our personal stories. So, buckle your seatbelt for the transformative experience that is Off the Muff.




Maria Stamenkovic Herranz is very thrilled to be part of the Muff project. A native European that feels New York is one of her homes, Maria is an actress that has collaborated on and created many works that took place on very exciting stages around the world. She teaches/tutors children Spanish language at the Cervantes Institute and loves to spend time with the kids. She is currently writing a screenplay and, besides that, the Muff creative process has been a wonderful experience. She wants to thank Stephen A. Guirgis and Joe for their trust. She will continue to depend on the kindness of strangers. Thanks to the Muff girls!





Amy Dawn Verebay s embarking on a bi-costal lifestyle between Brooklyn, NY and somewhere on the west coast, probably California.  A world traveler, she teaches the art of play wherever she goes, and she also enthusiastically teaches breath work. Amy is an avid meditator, dancer, circus yogini, and philanthropist. Bless all muffs, everywhere!