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reMount 2013

On June 28th, 29th, and 20th NYC’s White Box Gallery hosted the Muffdom – A ritual theatre, immersive art, transformational experience.

“It was a Chai tent, in the middle of a Greek Temple, inside a Cosmic Womb.”

The evening unfolded in three phases:


The ʼForeplay 

Naturally it begins with ʼFOREPLAY, welcoming the audience into the woom-space to tickle their senses with special delights, mingling and libating amidst the Muff-centric surround-visual environment.

The Act 

Next, we are all called to presence for THE ACT, where we go into the performance, sharing our Stories and engaging Audience Participatory Fun.

The Post-Coital Bliss Bash… Celebrate with us into the night!

The show climaxes and bursts into THE POST-COITAL BLISS BASH that includes DJs and VJs, spectacles and art for the audience to peruse and experience at their Pleasure. We invite, we share, we Lighten it All Up and go Off the Muff!



*Reclaimer: Off the Muff is not exclusively for Muffs. We explicitly desire the hearts and minds of all genders to lighten up and off with us.